we are Shift

Hello! Welcome to Shift’s blog. If you’ve gotten to this page then you probably already know a little about what Shift is, but for those who may not know/haven’t bothered to read the indiegogo page, let us introduce ourselves properly…



Basically, Shift is a new internship programme funded by Studio Precept, a creative agency based in Newcastle. What sets our scheme apart from other internships, is that rather than running around photocopying things and making countless cups of tea, the interns will be working in an agency environment. The idea is that Shift accepts briefs from clients and works on them in the same way a normal agency would. This means that young creatives have the chance to really build up a good portfolio of work and gain actual work experience through performing the kind of role they’re hoping to make their career. We like to think of ourselves as narrowing the gap between education and industry.

Working on real briefs and pretty much being left to our own devices means that working for the programme is a sink or swim scenario, and our team do have the experience and industry knowledge from the Studio Precept guys to help us out when they need it. However, the main thing that Shift is about is innovation: because the programme is independently funded there’s no red tape and there are no compulsory requirements which could be imposed by local councils and such like. The whole point is that the interns can really push the boundaries and find new ways of thinking; whether it’s through traditional methods or through (seemingly) daft stuff like rap battles to come up with slogans. It’s about taking projects beyond their briefs and really trying to push boundaries.

As the briefs start coming in, our current team are going to be tackling them in all kind of different ways from tried and tested methods to new and exciting ways of thinking (which could in all fairness be referred to as madness).. what we’re going to do though is produce a ‘white paper’ publication showing it to you all: the method and the madness. We’re also hosting a launch event for the project on the 26th October at the Northern Design Centre, where we’ll be holding a party to show and celebrate our project. There’ll be guest speakers, collaborative performances, bands and booze. What’s not to like?

P.s We’re working hard to get the project off the ground and we’ll be keeping you up-to-date here, on our facebook page, twitter feed or webpage. If you want to get involved with the project (whether it’s to join the team or sponsor), then please get in touch!


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