Introducing our guest speaker for the launch: Gabrielle Omar

A little while ago, we had our first guest speaker confirmed.. if you’ve been following us on twitter and facebook (which I’m guessing you have or how would you have found this blog?), then you’ll already know that the lovely, Gabrielle Omar will be speaking at Shift’s launch. When we spotted this article about her in last week’s Daily Express, I thought it’d be good to tell you a little about her and why we wanted her to come all the way up to Newcastle..


Gabrielle, one of the stars of this year’s Apprentice, is an architect and runs her own architecture and interior design practice, Lolli and Square. Being one of the only creatives on The Apprentice, Gabrielle had a different way of approaching projects to other contestants. Ignoring Lord Sugar’s snipe, “Does anyone in the arts world know about business? I don’t think so!” Gabrielle has shown that people working in the creative industry can have as much business acumen as any other candidate. Obviously with that in mind, we thought she’d be perfect guest speaker to help inspire the next generation of young creatives! So you can imagine our excitement when she said she’d like to get involved:

“As soon as I heard about SHIFT, I knew straight away that it was something I wanted to get involved with. It’s a very interesting and inspiring way of actually encouraging young people to be innovative as well as getting them to learn about the world of work first hand, which I find is the best way to learn. I’m both looking forward to meeting those that are a part of this exciting movement, as well as giving a few words of my experience in being part of the creative industry.”

Her own project, Lolli and Square certainly has parallels with Shift in terms of its collaboration between different disciplines. Much like Lolli and Square, our team at Shift features people with a wide variety of skills from graphic designers and illustrators to visual media specialists and copywriters.

Since we’re a team of interns, with the support of our mentors at Studio Precept, we’re keen to find new ways of approaching clients’ briefs and push the boundaries more than other creative agencies. We want to give as much back to our clients as possible and likewise Lolli and Square’s aim is that: ‘every job undertaken has to be delivered to the highest of standards, and each bespoke design solution tailors the clients individual style and specific lifestyle requirements.’

Personally, I can’t wait to hear Gabrielle speak. If you don’t already have a ticket for the event then what are you waiting for? You can get your hands on one here or email: hannah[at] for info!


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