Doughnut frenzy at Precept and Shift HQ

With a nice little package arriving from Krispy Kreme this morning, Studio Precept and Shift HQ was whipped up into a doughnut frenzy.

Krispy Kreme Gateshead

We were sent a sample of their lush new Kreme de la Kreme range: 
Salted Caramel, a hollow doughnut filled with a salted caramel and topped with dark chocolate
Chocolate Praline Fudge Cake, a doughnut coated in chocolate fudge and hand rolled in caramelised hazelnuts
Pistachio & White Chocolate Nougat, a hollow doughnut filled with pistachio and white chocolate nougat.

The chocolate praline fudge cake went down a treat and within minutes they had all been snapped up… much to the disappointment of our boss, Nick. With things in the studio getting manic in the run up to our launch event, we definitely needed a sugar rush! Thanks very much to the lovely folk at Krispy Kreme!


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