WeAre_Shift: Carl Storey

As an internship scheme, Shift is made up of interns from all different disciplines and we thought the best way to introduce ourselves to you, was to let each intern have access to the blog so they can let you know what they’ve been up to. Since Shift is an internship scheme focussed on getting young creatives the kind of experience that will land them a job in industry, we’ve had a lot of movement over the last few months and we didn’t want to leave out our recently departed interns! So let us introduce you to a former Shift recruit, Carl Storey


– When did you join Shift?

Hi guys! I was part of Shift right from the start: from moving furniture, to making tea and hovering up.. I started on placement at Studio Precept then kind of helped set up Shift. (Now that I think about it really I should get my name put on the door, ‘Carl Storey: Founding Partner’, that’ll sound better.)

– What was your role in Shift?

My role at Shift was intern Creative/Art director working closely with the resident wordsmiths, David Carr and Co Founder Andy Kilburn.

– How did you find Shift as a collaborative programme? Were you working with any particular discipline that you hadn’t worked with before?

The whole studio had a very collaborative feel from the word go. It was great to work with Graphic Designer, Sam Petyt, on projects; we very much had the same vision and he is an incredibly talented young man (I think he’s probably only two years younger then me.. ha!) Working with Raskl was another highlight. We collaborated with them on the ‘We Love What We Do’ project in which we designed and built a huge heart. (See a picture of it below). This was my first taste of seeing an idea come to life. It was so much fun and a massive thanks to James who really brought it to life on film!


– Did you learn any new skills from collaborating/ did you get to teach anyone new skills?

I learned shit loads of new skills! Before Shift I didn’t really have a clue about the Adobe suites, and I’m a wiz kid now. I also learned about all these design rules I hadn’t a clue existed.. grids? What the fuck are grids? Yeah, I learned a hell of a lot.

– Has collaborating with other disciplines changed your attitude to how you work and/or working within the creative industry in general?

It’s certainly opened me up towards other people’s perspectives on work. Whether graphic, 3D, video, copy, photography or blogger point of view, it’s always interesting to hear different approaches on projects and create something truly unique through collaboration.

– You’re working for Different now, can you tell us a little bit about what you’re doing there? 

My role at Different is very similar to what I was doing in Shift. I’m  interning as an Art Director which means I’m working on lots of interesting things and continuing to build my portfolio with a range of clients and different medias, from banner ads, TV ads to Government work and NE1 business development work.

-What’s your plans for the future?

I’ll be starting BBH London in January, which I am incredibly excited about. I will be working in the BBH Barns and it’s an amazing opportunity which Shift and Different have made me fully prepared for. Can’t wait. Bring it on.

Visit Carl’s website here

Follow him:

Twitter: @Carl_5torey

Instagram: @carlstorey


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