WeAre_Shift: James Alexander McC

We’ve got another of Shift’s interns to introduce you to, meet James: our expert in all things digital!

When did you come to Shift and why?

 I’ve been here from the start, after meeting the Studio Precept guys a year ago whilst searching for placements. The new studio location, the neighbouring creative talent and the prospect of being involved in a young, fresh and multi-disciplinary creative studio all sounded pretty good to me!


– What is your role in Shift?
 Film production, 3D Modelling and Animation. Little bits of photography here and there. I provide good technical knowledge and risk assessment when it comes to logistics and time frames. I think…


– How is the programme collaborative? Are you working with any particular discipline that you hadn’t worked with before?

 Branding and advertising is all new to me, so it’s cool getting to observe or be involved in part of that process; a redevelopment or reimagining of a business. It’s been really interesting to learn about how designers can help a company portray the right image to people. Even stuff like the impact of fonts and colour associations. Awesome.


– Have you learned any new skills from collaborating/ did you get to teach anyone new skills?

 The best experience I’ve gotten out of this internship is getting exposure to different disciplines and using that to take my work to the next level. For someone like me who’s heavily focused on the technical side of projects, the aesthetics input from other creatives is hugely beneficial. I’ve worked on 3D modelling and animation that I’ve refined along the way to meet a clients preferences and learned new skills from the likes of the Novak collective.


– Has collaborating with other disciplines changed your attitude to how you work and/or working within the creative industry in general?
 I’ve got to experience everyone’s favourite videos, pictures, websites, music and it all benefits me when it comes to taking my work to the next level. I’ve gained that little bit extra knowledge on how to add more production value, make things a bit more epic and cool for all different ages of people.

Check out more of James‘ work on his website and youtube channel.


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