Shift Christmas Gift Guide

After the spending the morning chosing names for Secret Santa with the guys from Studio Precept, we’re all starting to feel festive, so we thought we’d share our Christmas wishlist of some of our most wanted gadgets..


1 – View Quest Retro DAB+ Radio Docking Station – – £99.95
It’s pretty laid back in the studio and spotify is pretty much on constantly, but we quite liked this for its retro design.

2. Gameboy
This was Lenthall’s choice. He didn’t really justify his choice, he just said “it’s got soul”. It did spark off a whole debate about which vintage games machines were best..

3 – Wacom Cintiq – – $2,599.00 or £1612.48
This was Alex‘s choice… “For my christmas gadget I would love love love love love a Wacom Cintiq. At Precept I use a little Wacom Bamboo tablet and its like an extension of my arm. There’s not much chance of me getting my dream Cintaq as it RRP’s at about £2k! – essentially its a HD touchscreen tablet and its amazeballz” So while we’re on the subject, if anyone needs Alex to review a Cintiq…

4 – iPhone charger case – Amazon – £9.99
We chose this one for Adam since he’s spent the morning moaning about the lack of plug space for his phone charger.. We’re a little short of plug space at the moment, with it being winter and pretty much every available socket is being used for lamps and heaters; cold creatives don’t produce good work!

5 – Liquid Lamps – Kouichi Okamoto – – 23,200 JPY or £171.58
Our studio is based in a renovated church so it gets pretty dark in here so as we’ve already mentioned, we’ve got quite a few lamps dotted around, and it helps when they look good..

6 – The original Apple II – one went on ebay for $6100! (£3784.59)
This one was Josh‘s choice. “Have you seen it? It’s so cool! It’s a design classic”, was about as much sense as we could get out of him..

7 – Sol Republic in-ear headphones – Sol Republic – £49.95
The lovely folk at Sol Republic sent us a pair of their AMPS In-Ear headphones to review, and since Mark is the studio’s resident DJ (and went on about them the most), he’s spent the last couple weeks trying them out. With a sleek design and brilliant sound quality, he thought they deserved a place on our Christmas wishlist! And he’s promised to share his review on the blog soon…

8 – iRig keyboard keys – Apple – £79.95
I did tell Alex that my gift choice was an instax 210 but then she found this plug in keyboard and thought it looked good… Who doesn’t need a keyboard that plugs into your iphone?


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