WeAre_Shift: Joshua Anthony Chelton


When did you come to Shift and why?
Like James I’ve been at Shift since day one. I originally came into Studio Precept on placement whilst studying FdA Advertising at Newcastle College, along with Carl. In fact, it was Carl who suggested I come into the studio; he said the vibe from the lads at Precept was brilliant and the church was a great location.
What is your role in Shift?
Nothing… seriously.
No actually, I’m a creative within the studio: helping out with everything from graphic design work to copywriting and brand analysis. Anything I can help out with really!
How is the programme collaborative? Are you working with any particular discipline that you hadn’t worked with before?
It’s great in the studio because we’re all from different backgrounds, and it’s great to see how different people work. I really like being able to see James work on his 3D stuff; it amazes me how much attention to detail goes into all of his work. I also enjoy watching people like Alex work. She’s an illustrator who can illustrate anything put in front of her! I think it’s very inspiring to work in a multi disciplinary environment, because I can learn so much from everyone’s skills. It’s really spurred me on to try and find new ways of doing things and learning new skills so I can help out with a bit of everything. Working with the guys up in Precept has also been a great opportunity, because I’m learning all the time from their experience in industry.

Are you learning any new skills from collaborating/ did you get to teach anyone new skills?
Definitely, it’s the nature of collaboration. You work with these people who can have a completely different skill set to you, and so by sitting with them and working with them you pick up tips and tricks from them. You also get the knowledge and confidence to further your skills and I’d like to think that the rest of the gang can learn something from me using my advertising background, but then again probably they don’t, they’re really ignorant people…

Catch more on Josh here: 

Twitter: @JAChelton
Instagram: @JAChelton
Work: Behance



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