Launch Party Winner – Team Life member 1of5, Ruth Leach

Here is the first in a series of insights from one of the winners from our Shift Launch Party. As part of a winning pitch, she and her fellow Team Life members got to spend some time working in our Shift studio to develop their concept brand and business to a point where it is ready for market.

ImageWhat is your name and where are you studying and/or what is your discipline?

My name is Ruth Leach. I’m studying for my degree – Design for Industry.

Have you enjoyed your time at SHIFT?

 Yes indeedy. I’ve met a new bunch people and learnt more about brand identity.

You were given a collaborative programme during your time at SHIFT do you think it helped you?

Yes, collaborative work is very beneficial, you learn a lot from others and you learn that people from different backgrounds have varying perspectives on the same topic area.

Do you feel you better understand the roles of your collaborative team? 

I think it’s been tricky to define particular roles. Especially as we have not always been able to all meet together all the time to progress the project. We all have skills that over lap but at the same time we each have different skills that others try to understand.

Has collaborating with other disciplines changed your attitude to how you will work in the creative industry?

I enjoy working with other disciplines, I always feel like I learn a lot more in a shorter space of time. I think it’s important to encourage multi – disciplinary collaborations.  It’s also signified what role I may play in future projects.

Do you feel you better understand the working of a Creative studio?

Yes, this is a new experience for me working in a creative studio outside of university.

Do you appreciate the need for research on a Creative project?

Research is a crucial aspect of the project, as research runs our ideas have developed in conjunction.

Do you appreciate the value of a brand statement?

Yes, I realize it’s important that the brand statement must capture the ethos of the brand.

Are you happy with the business concept and how it could be given to market?

Our idea has developed on greatly from our initial presentation, the business concept now has more clarity and the market is easier to define.

Do you think your skills were utilised sufficiently throughout the project?

I think this project has taken me out of my comfort zone, it is a project focused more on building a brand and creating a brand identity and communication, which I haven’t had a lot of experience with. I think at the beginning of the project my skills were utilized more with the ideation process rather than later on during to project. I felt the ending of project had more graphical and digital web significance. Also due to intense university commitments I’ve been unable to give Shift 100% of my commitment. I wish this opportunity had come around earlier during summer time or later on after I’d graduated.  

Would you recommend Shift approach of collaborative working to others? 

Yes I would, however the Shift approach could consider more; the importance of peoples time availability and commitment and then you’d see even better project outcomes.  If I wasn’t in my final year at university and worked full time as a part of a studio I feel like my contribution would be far greater.


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