Launch Party Winner – Team Life member 3of5, Thom Sansom

Here is the third in a series of insights from one of the winners from our Shift Launch Party. As part of a winning pitch, he and his fellow Team Life members got to spend some time working in our Shift studio to develop their concept brand and business to a point where it is ready for market.

Thom Sansom

What is your name and where are you studying and/or what is your discipline?

Thom Sansom studying animation at Newcastle college.

Have you enjoyed your time at SHIFT?

It has been an excellent experience that has given me confidence in how working in a Creative studio will be like.

You were given a collaborative programme during your time at SHIFT do you think it helped you?

Yes, it’s shown me how to work in a team to achieve a common goal.

Do you feel you better understand the roles of your collaborative team?

From never working in a team it has shown me the benefits of working in one.

Has collaborating with other disciplines changed your attitude to how you will work in the creative industry?

The experience has given me better understanding of how different disciplines can come together instead of only working with people in the same area.

Do you feel you better understand the working of a Creative studio?

Yes, it’s helped my understanding of how a Creative studio works and how people’s specialties can be used.

Do you appreciate the need for research on a Creative project?

I now have a better understanding of how the research can help improve an idea and even compete with a similar one.

Do you appreciate the value of a brand statement?

It has shown me the usefulness of using one and how it helps explain to people what the project is.

Are you happy with the business concept and how it could be given to market?

I am happy with how the concept has evolved from one idea and into one that has better potential for the market.

Do you think your skills were utilised sufficiently throughout the project?

My skills were hard to utilize but I was still able to use them in the project.

Would you recommend Shift approach of collaborative working to others?

I would recommend Shifts approach to others as it helps give experience in working in a team in the creative industry.


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