Snowball fights with Studio Precept

Well, as promised, the snow has arrived. We think we’re coping well with the cold in Shift HQ; huddled around Studio Precept‘s halogen heater and trying not to get too distracted from our briefs by frostbite.. Since Friday’s are (almost) always a fun day here, we headed out this afternoon to The Tyne Bar for burgers with the guys from Studio Precept, and ended up stopping by the Toffee Factory for a snowball fight on the way back up to the studio.


It’s fair to say there were some pretty rubbish aims all round. Although there was a brilliant shot by Mark, who managed to hit Hannah square in the head… serves her right for being too busy instagramming the whole thing to pay attention.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and are enjoying the weather! 🙂


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