Launch Party Winner – Team Life member 4of5, Kirk Conner

Here is the fourth in a series of insights from one of the winners from our Shift Launch Party. As part of a winning pitch, he and his fellow Team Life members got to spend some time working in our Shift studio to develop their concept brand and business to a point where it is ready for market.

Simon Roger Kirk

What is your name and where are you studying and/or what is your discipline?

My Name is Kirk Connor, I am currently studying Digital media at Newcastle College & I am a web Programmer/designer.

Have you enjoyed your time at SHIFT?

I have enjoyed my time at shift as it has allowed me to experience working amongst a team towards a common goal with each member having a different area of expertise and something different to contribute.

You were given a collaborative programme during your time at SHIFT do you think it helped you?

The collaborative project has helped me as it has given me experience of studio work and what different people can bring to a project based on their skill set.

Do you feel you better understand the roles of your collaborative team?

Each member of the team had something different to bring to the table, the skills varying from graphic design and animation to industry design, game design and web programming, these skills all played a part in the process of designing and completing our project.

Has collaborating with other disciplines changed your attitude to how you will work in the creative industry?

Working with people from other disciplines has made me more aware of how collaborating with differing fields on a project can help spread the work load as well as generate more ideas, it is definitely a process I could see being useful in my future work in the industry.

Do you feel you better understand the working of a Creative studio?

I feel I have got a better Idea of working in a creative studio, the time spent at shift has shown my group how even a small group like ourselves working together on a project makes the project more enjoyable and how each of us can contribute something to any project.

Do you appreciate the need for research on a Creative project?

Research is very important in a creative project, at every stage, whether it is for the design of a logo or web page or into possible competitors for your product. It allows you to see what is already out there and what you need to do to make your product stand out from the rest and fulfil its goals.

Do you appreciate the value of a brand statement?

The brand statement is a lot clearer to me now, I had not come across them before my time working at shift and I can see now how it clearly defines what your project/product is about.

Are you happy with the business concept and how it could be given to market?

I feel we have developed the business concept well from our initial thoughts at the open for business launch event. We have looked at what competitors are out there and what we want the business to offer and have developed that idea into a strong concept.

Do you think your skills were utilised sufficiently throughout the project?

I feel there was sufficient tasks for my skills on the project as I brought the idea from the design process into a web page, I also found I enjoyed the design process a lot more than I had previously on other projects.

Would you recommend Shift approach of collaborative working to others?

I think overall the collaborative work has been beneficial to our entire group and shift should definitely look to offer this kind of work to other groups of people in the future so they can benefit from the experience we have received.


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