Shift is an internship programme that is bridging the gap between college and gaining a job in the creative industry. Over the next few months the team will have their heads down, underpaid and malnourished working within their own creative agency, SHIFT.

The agency is real and the briefs the interns are working on are real. No one is just here to make the tea; this is a real opportunity for all creatives to gain experience, work together and learn how to collaborate in one place. Any intern learning these new methods cross-discipline collaboration will better prepare for the future and the way in which the industry is moving.

We want to share this new way of thinking with you and the world as much as possible so we’ll be blogging, tweeting and facebooking our progress along the way!

  1. Tom Leslie said:

    hey guys,

    for the event on thursday are tickets available on the door for the shift live talks?

    kind regards

    Tom Leslie

    • hestatham said:

      Hi Tom,

      Yes, there’ll be tickets available on the door. However, there is limited availabilty so to avoid dissapointment we’d advise you to buy your ticket earlier.

      See you tonight!

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