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01 Press Release

Following the success of our launch event, Open For Business, we’re hosting a series of upcoming events called Shift Live.

These events will promote our exciting internship programme, and are designed to engage and inspire young creatives by helping to develop their skills, introducing them to leading industry professionals and creating employment opportunities.

Taking the form of Shift’s first birthday, Shift Live No.1, is taking place at Think Tank, HoultsYard, Newcastle on Thurs 28 March from 4pm until 2am.

With free food, drinks flowing and talks from leading creative industry professionals, Shift Live No.1 will introduce our new online platform, and offer young people the chance to apply for the latest internship positions, as well giving industry practitioners the opportunity to become a Shift mentor.

To end the afternoon there’ll be stand-up from fabulous comic, Fern Brady, to get everyone in the mood for the after party.

Taking place from 7.45pm until 2am, the after party will offer live music from Static Soul and This Ground Moves, in addition to a set from Dean Paul Walton, resident DJ at Gotham Town.

Tickets cost £10 and if you’ve not already got yours sorted then there’s still some available to buy from our Eventbrite page. Make sure you don’t miss out!


Well, as promised, the snow has arrived. We think we’re coping well with the cold in Shift HQ; huddled around Studio Precept‘s halogen heater and trying not to get too distracted from our briefs by frostbite.. Since Friday’s are (almost) always a fun day here, we headed out this afternoon to The Tyne Bar for burgers with the guys from Studio Precept, and ended up stopping by the Toffee Factory for a snowball fight on the way back up to the studio.


It’s fair to say there were some pretty rubbish aims all round. Although there was a brilliant shot by Mark, who managed to hit Hannah square in the head… serves her right for being too busy instagramming the whole thing to pay attention.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and are enjoying the weather! 🙂

After the spending the morning chosing names for Secret Santa with the guys from Studio Precept, we’re all starting to feel festive, so we thought we’d share our Christmas wishlist of some of our most wanted gadgets..


1 – View Quest Retro DAB+ Radio Docking Station – – £99.95
It’s pretty laid back in the studio and spotify is pretty much on constantly, but we quite liked this for its retro design.

2. Gameboy
This was Lenthall’s choice. He didn’t really justify his choice, he just said “it’s got soul”. It did spark off a whole debate about which vintage games machines were best..

3 – Wacom Cintiq – – $2,599.00 or £1612.48
This was Alex‘s choice… “For my christmas gadget I would love love love love love a Wacom Cintiq. At Precept I use a little Wacom Bamboo tablet and its like an extension of my arm. There’s not much chance of me getting my dream Cintaq as it RRP’s at about £2k! – essentially its a HD touchscreen tablet and its amazeballz” So while we’re on the subject, if anyone needs Alex to review a Cintiq…

4 – iPhone charger case – Amazon – £9.99
We chose this one for Adam since he’s spent the morning moaning about the lack of plug space for his phone charger.. We’re a little short of plug space at the moment, with it being winter and pretty much every available socket is being used for lamps and heaters; cold creatives don’t produce good work!

5 – Liquid Lamps – Kouichi Okamoto – – 23,200 JPY or £171.58
Our studio is based in a renovated church so it gets pretty dark in here so as we’ve already mentioned, we’ve got quite a few lamps dotted around, and it helps when they look good..

6 – The original Apple II – one went on ebay for $6100! (£3784.59)
This one was Josh‘s choice. “Have you seen it? It’s so cool! It’s a design classic”, was about as much sense as we could get out of him..

7 – Sol Republic in-ear headphones – Sol Republic – £49.95
The lovely folk at Sol Republic sent us a pair of their AMPS In-Ear headphones to review, and since Mark is the studio’s resident DJ (and went on about them the most), he’s spent the last couple weeks trying them out. With a sleek design and brilliant sound quality, he thought they deserved a place on our Christmas wishlist! And he’s promised to share his review on the blog soon…

8 – iRig keyboard keys – Apple – £79.95
I did tell Alex that my gift choice was an instax 210 but then she found this plug in keyboard and thought it looked good… Who doesn’t need a keyboard that plugs into your iphone?

Shift Open For Business launch event

In case you didn’t get a chance to attend, we thought we should share some images from our launch event, Open for Business.

The workshop itself was centred around giving young creatives a brief to create their own pop-up business (very relevant in our current economic climate!) They were then taken through the different stages of the workshop from: getting their brief, naming their business, creating a slogan, designing a logo or mascot for the brand, making their logo or brand mascot come to life and finally pitching their idea to our panel of judges, who included the lovely Gabrielle Omar.

Shift launch event Open For Business North East Creative agency
Shift launch event Open For Business North East Creative agency
Shift launch event Open For Business North East Creative agency
Shift launch event Open For Business North East Creative agency
Shift launch event Open For Business North East Creative agency
Shift launch event Open For Business North East Creative agency
Shift launch event Open For Business North East Creative agency

After the workshop, there were talks from industry experts including Dan Rose from Raskl, Neil Bestford and Rachel Boon from Newcastle College, and of course Gabrielle Omar. Followed by an after party at St Mary’s on the Gateshead Quays, the launch was a massive success! And since we’ve already been inundated with questions on when our next event will be, we decided to get on the ball and throw a little winter event to get everyone into the festive spirit!

We’re selling the early bird tickets for just £5!! Get yours here

It’s been a while since we’ve posted but having been caught up with all the excitement of the launch event and our new projects, there just doesn’t seem to have been a spare moment! We’re still waiting for some photos of our launch event, Open For Business so for now I thought I’d just share this time lapse video as a little teaser..

SHIFT Open For Business launch event Timelapse from Studio Precept on Vimeo.

We’ve also got an exciting new development to share, pretty soon all of our interns are going to be contributing to the blog over the next few weeks, sharing their experience of Shift and the things they’re working on right now.

With a nice little package arriving from Krispy Kreme this morning, Studio Precept and Shift HQ was whipped up into a doughnut frenzy.

Krispy Kreme Gateshead

We were sent a sample of their lush new Kreme de la Kreme range: 
Salted Caramel, a hollow doughnut filled with a salted caramel and topped with dark chocolate
Chocolate Praline Fudge Cake, a doughnut coated in chocolate fudge and hand rolled in caramelised hazelnuts
Pistachio & White Chocolate Nougat, a hollow doughnut filled with pistachio and white chocolate nougat.

The chocolate praline fudge cake went down a treat and within minutes they had all been snapped up… much to the disappointment of our boss, Nick. With things in the studio getting manic in the run up to our launch event, we definitely needed a sugar rush! Thanks very much to the lovely folk at Krispy Kreme!